Our Services

LIBRA EXCHANGE offers fine services to the customers. We provide rapid and speedy process of money transactions and the other services which increase the convenience of our clients.

We have worldwide money transaction within minutes and a wide range of remittance products & services which have been specified as below:

Transfer to a Bank Account:
This service facilitates money transfers directly to all of the beneficiary banks around the world.

Bank to Bank:
This service is one of the quickest money transfer services.

Door to Door:
Direct Delivery of money to the beneficiary, this service is available for Switzerland, Canada, and Georgia.

Telex Transfer:
Safe, quick money transfers to beneficiaries all over the world.

Demand Transfer:
Money transfers to bank accounts using secured cheques.

Instant Money Transfer:
We provide a group of services for money transferring across all over the world within minutes, Including: Cash Express, Western Union (Worldwide), Money Gram (Worldwide).